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The Knights and Kings of Chess

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"Everyone ought to have a hobby, and certainly no prettier or pleasanter hobby can be found than chess."

This was written by George A. MacDonald on page 88 of his wonderful "The Knights and Kings of Chess", London 1894 and I am confirmed in this statement by our nice London meeting from June 8-10, 2007. With the following selection of pictures I would like to invite all members who unfortunately couldn’t attend the meeting of our English group to immerse a little in the fantastic atmosphere of the historical places. Naturally it was also vital to meet some of our British chess friends personally for the first time – this will be a lasting memory for me.
I would like to express my thanks especially to Jimmy Adams and Mark Huba for the fantastic guided tour on Saturday morning and to Malcolm Pein and Jim Fisher for the permission to use the London Chess Centre as a meeting place on Sunday morning.

Friday evening meeting

(from left) John Beasley, Michael Negele,
Marie-Theres and Andreas Saremba, Jurgen Stigter, Tony Gillam
Our meeting started on Friday evening, without further ado we chose the hotel of the Sarembas as our meeting point ...

... and then went in a cheerful circle to a Turkish restaurant nearby. A successful start with a reunion of the "La Tour-de-Peilz" participants Tony Gillam, John Beasley, Calle Erlandsson, Marie-Theres and Andreas Saremba as well as Jurgen Stigter and Michael Negele.
In the Turkish restaurant

Andreas Saremba and Tony Gillam
in a Turkish restaurant

Mark Huba & Jimmy Adams

Charing Cross Station -
Mark Huba (left) and Jimmy Adams
talking to John Beasley (right)
Next morning at Charing Cross Station I was pleased to meet – apart from the group of the evening before – for the first time such "heroes" of chess literature as Dr. Leonard Skinner and James (Jimmy) Adams; then Regina and Berth Corneth as well as the photographer from CHESS, Mark Huba joined us too.

Jimmy Adams is flanked by the couple Corneth, on the right Andreas and Marie-Theres Saremba
Jimmy Adams with listeners

Mark Huba explains ...
Michael Negele, Bert Corneth and Jurgen Stigter follow Mark Huba's explanations

Leafing through KARL

An interesting read for Englishmen too -
the latest KARL with my article on Diemer

Group on the way to the 'Strand'

Leonard Skinner, Jurgen Stigter, Calle Erlandsson,
Tony Gillam, Jimmy Adams, Andreas Saremba and Regina Corneth
on their way to the "Strand"

Out tour led us to the Charing Cross Hospital where Johannes Hermann Zukertort once closed his alert eyes forever, by the former En Passant Club to Simpson’s-in-the-Strand – a real eldorado for everyone interested in chess history.
(Please click the small pictures on the left.)

Charing Cross Hospital
Charing Cross Hospital
(above) and plate (below)


En Passant Club
En Passant Club
Simpson's in the Strand - group photo

Our group at the entrance to "Simpson's-in-the-Strand"

J. Stigter, B. Corneth, C. Erlandsson

Jurgen Stigter, Bert Corneth and Calle Erlandsson
- do not speak, just be amazed!
Even "hard-baked" KWA members couldn’t get over their amazement and kept on gaping ...

The impressions given to the visitors of our website by some picture galleries may have a profound effect on them just as on us – that is unique.

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