Kurt Landsberger
On a Visit to the Capital of our Land

This year again our American friend Kurt Landsberger came to the REHACARE fair in Düsseldorf. This time without his wife Anny – meanwhile he has been married to her for 64 years (!), and after the war they jointly built up a business in New Jersey, Bel-Art Products (and subsidiaries) "manufacture laboratory supplies as well as aids for the elderly and disabled" and have now 300 employees. And Kurt is still integrated in business affairs even if his son David is now in charge.

Article on K. Landsberger
"Rescuing a king from oblivion" – that way an article on Kurt Landsberger was headed in "The Star-Ledger" of 30 October 2003, our cutting shows Kurt once more with his two fine Steinitz books.

In the evening of October 4th we met after fair’s closing at Mariott Hotel Courtyard in Düsseldorf MediaHarbor only to move soon afterwards to an Italian restaurant nearby. There were Friedrich-Karl Hebeker, Michael Negele and Ralf Binnewirtz who had joined in.

In the Italian restaurant

Evening meal in an Italian restaurant:
Kurt Landsberger, Michael Negele, Ralf Binnewirtz
and Friedrich-Karl Hebeker

Kurt Landsberger also brought his latest work which he generously distributed to us. This time nothing about chess but about a period of American military history he was personally involved in – the reverse text reveals something more:

Cover verso
Prisoners of War ...

R. Binnewirtz and F.-K. Hebeker
After the evening meal our small circle continued in the hotel lobby, here Ralf Binnewirtz and Friedrich-Karl Hebeker are mixed up in unfathomable chess matters.

Friedrich-Karl Hebeker, a mathematician from Düsseldorf is a member (and the secretary) of the Düsseldorf Chess Club 1854 and especially distinguished himself as the coauthor of the two club chronicles (published 2004 and 2006 respectively).

In the course of his chess research he has also intensively dealt with the life and the work of the Düsseldorf-born Ludwig Engels, the results of his research have been opened to the chess public by an article published 2006 in Kaissiber issue 25.
Kaissiber 25

Finally I would like to show a small picture gallery giving you some impressions of the futuristic area of the Düsseldorf MediaHarbour.

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