Annual general meeting of the Ken Whyld Association
in the Swiss Museum of Games and
impressions of the Chess Olympiad at Turin

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KWA members in Turin

KWA members in Turin:
Alessandro Sanvito, Tamás Erdélyi,
Michael Negele, Romano Bellucci

The meeting with our Italian friends planned for the following Monday, May 22, 2006 at Turin turned at first to a quite strange conflict with the local occurrences at the Oval Lingotto, one of the venues of the Winter Olympic Games. It’s true that our friend and chief arbiter Geurt Gijssen had - as promised - organized a room for us in the Olympic Village but the non-Olympic athletes Jurgen Stigter, Andreas Saremba and myself had failed to overcome the security hurdles without assistance. Only when I reached the gaming hall with the help of Tamás Erdélyi and then met Prof. Pagni who was able to contact Alessandro Sanvito by phone we came together with a considerable delay. But the essential goal, namely the discussion of our project “Bibliography of commemorative publications of German Chess Clubs till 1914” with Romano Bellucci could take place, and our Italian group with Alessandro Sanvito, Carlo Pagni, Romano Bellucci and Antonio Rosino proposed to organize a regional meeting in Venice – let’s wait and see!

Prof. Pagni & Michael Negele
Carlo A. Pagni and Michael Negele are involved in a lively conversation.

Romano Bellucci and
Jurgen Stigter
Romano Bellucci & Jurgen Stigter

Antonio Rosino
Our Italian member Antonio Rosino came from Venice as well (like Romano Bellucci).

13 additional photos of this meeting in our gallery "KWA members in Turin".

Finally I would like to show some impressions of the very nice playing area of the Chess Olympiad and of the Olympic Village – several members of the Ken Whyld Association like Alexander Baburin, Richard Forster, John Donaldson, Raj Tischbierek and naturally Geurt Gijssen were active there. As a tourist I wouldn’t like to judge if the organizational courses could withstand the visual effects. After all the FIDE has decided on "following a different path", it’s a shame that Bessel Kok and his "right move" didn’t succeed to bring about a drastic change.

Olympic booklet
Olympic booklet verso

        Turin Olympiad - gaming hall
Chess Olympiad –
view of the tournament hall

Michael Negele meets
Bessel Kok

Further 33 photos in our gallery "Olympiad".
Michael Negele & Bessel Kok

Geurt Gijssen

Geurt Gijssen in his official capacity as chief arbiter

In conclusion I would like to thank again Ulrich Schädler as well as all speakers and participants who – with their willingness to make a contribution to our community – have contributed a lot to the further success of our still rather young association.

In a few weeks we will surely be able to welcome quite a lot of our friends again at our tour to Ströbeck on June 23, 2006.

Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008

The Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008
is already foreshadowed ...

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