Annual general meeting of the Ken Whyld Association
in the Swiss Museum of Games and
impressions of the Chess Olympiad at Turin

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Ulrich Schädler's book presentation

Ulrich Schädler presenting his new book project

As always time flied and after Ulrich Schädler had presented the new edition of his Alfonso book Libro de los Juegos we were unfortunately too short of time to present the Lasker project before our final dinner in the museum restaurant. (See our Member's Area / page "Minutes and Documents" about this.)


Café - Restaurant "L'Oubliette"

As a quite desperate Andreas Saremba failed to start a direct access to our prototype of the "Bibliography of Chess" via the museum’s Internet connection this contribution unfortunately turned out rather short. In the next few weeks an appeal will again be made to those members who have had a test access to the database up to now. The number of returns to Andreas Saremba who is naturally waiting for further suggestions has been very meagre till now, certainly greater efforts of our members are necessary here to pursue one of our principal goals with more commitment.

Guided tour of the museum

Games of chance belong to the exhibits of the museum too

Apart from the nice dinner this evening offered a second highlight we owed to the hospitable Ulrich Schädler who at the close spontaneously offered a late-night tour of the Museum of Games – the pictures show with what a pleasure this offer was accepted.

Showcase in the museum
You will find 12 further photos of the museum of games in our gallery.

Of course at the end of our meetings the book market is obligatory – my thanks go especially to Dusan Vukovic as well as to Tamás Erdélyi and his companion Daniel Lovas who didn’t shy away from the long journey with the heavy books. A special attraction was the selling of the duplicates by the Musée Suisse du Jeu – there was many an opportunity to buy a rare item at a very fair price. At the same time Ulrich Schädler enjoyed the handsome amount which may serve to carry on financing the library.

The Hungarian delegation is arrived; from left:
Toni Preziuso, Alain Fayard, Tamás Erdélyi (hidden), Daniel Lovas, Dusan Vukovic.
Arrival of the Hungarians

'Chess Greats of the World'

From the series "The Chess Greats of the World"

Hungarian book stand
At the Hungarian book stand:
Walter Simon, Tony Gillam, Dusan Vukovic, Jurgen Stigter.

18 further photos from Saturday morning are to be found in our gallery "Book market".


On the whole this annual meeting too may belong to our successes, in spite of the relatively low attendance (caused by some very late refusals) of 17 members (+ 5 guests).

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