Annual general meeting of the Ken Whyld Association
in the Swiss Museum of Games and
impressions of the Chess Olympiad at Turin

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John Donaldson at the demo board

John Donaldson at the demo board

After that John Donaldson who on his journey from San Francisco to Turin via Amsterdam could only stay for 20 hours with us gave a fine lecture which took us to the North American world of chess.

John Donaldson's lecture

He talked about his present work on the Canadian Frank Anderson (picture below), on the forthcoming new edition of his two volumes on Rubinstein as well as on the Mechanics’ Institute (a nice jubilee book with numerous pages on the history of the Chess Room in San Francisco, the oldest chess club of the United States – see pictures below), and on additional interesting subjects such as the US-American chess magazines or the current chess scene.
I was particularly pleased that John succeeded in leading his team in Turin to the bronze medal – congratulations! – and that unshaven for several days (because a bag had been left in my Audi).

Frank Anderson vs. Gligoric

Mechanics' Institute jubilee book

'An Illustrated History of the First 150 Years
of the Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco'
Jubilee book verso

Click on the picture
to read the text verso!

After a break (where John had already to leave) it was again Richard Forster who told us about his current work on the commemorative publication of the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Zurich Chess Society 1809. We are all longing to see this extraordinary contribution to chess history.

Richard Forster's talk

Richard Forster
giving the prospects for a future commemorative publication

Just as fascinating was Toni Preziuso’s report on his own research in chess primary sources (articles in papers / chess columns) and the methodology of the "Top-down" or "Bottom-up" search respectively for previously unknown facts and games.

Toni Preziuso

Toni Preziuso gripped the audience too

Bernd Ellinghoven presented a totally different subject using audiovisual media: his topic was titled "Kambodschach" and he told about the acquisition of a chess set for the Swiss Museum of Games.

bernd ellinghoven
bernd ellinghoven is able to fall back on extensive Cambodia experience ...

You will find more on "Kambodschach" in -be-’s article of the same name published in Kambodschanische Kultur no 8, Berlin 2003.

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