Annual general meeting of the Ken Whyld Association
in the Swiss Museum of Games and
impressions of the Chess Olympiad at Turin

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Jurgen Stigter
Deputy chairman Jurgen Stigter with the treasurer’s report

... the audience is listening:
François Zutter, Walter Simon, Tony Gillam, John Beasley, Toni Preziuso, Richard Forster, Thomas Maeder, Calle Erlandsson, bernd ellinghoven, Jurgen Stigter
The audience

After the morning was rapidly spent in fine weather on the board report on current activities (Michael Negele; see Member's Area, Page "Minutes and Documents") and on the cashing up / budget 2006 and 2007 (Jurgen Stigter replacing Peter Holmgren and Bert Corneth respectively) – the results will be summarized in a record – Ulrich Schädler could open at midday the Ken Whyld Library to give us a "preview".

Words of thanks
by the Musée Suisse du Jeu

Tony Gillam being under the spell of chess literature!

Tony Gillam

Michael Negele, Tony Gillam, John Donaldson
Michael Negele, Tony Gillam and John Donaldson seem to have the time of their life!

See our gallery for further snapshots of the day.

We can only be grateful to the Swiss Museum of Games for the decision to provide such a nice room for the collection of our "eponym". Again many thanks, also for the kind hospitality on this occasion. We have willingly confirmed further support for this idea – our members are appealed to back up in word and deed.

It is of prior interest in La Tour-de-Peilz to have current subscriptions of leading chess magazines, here the “reborn” Deutsche Schachzeitung volume 2006 should make a start.

From No 6/2006 the "Deutsche Schachzeitung" appears on the title page again!
SCHACH 6/2006

Richard Forster's review
Richard Forster giving a review on the Ken Whyld collection

Subsequent to the tour which filled all of us with quite a lot of enthusiasm Richard Forster gave a short survey of what is available in the collection of the museum. With pleasure we made the offer to publish a printed catalogue of the Ken Whyld Library. And Tony Gillam found very personal words of remembrance of his long-standing friend Ken.

Tony Gillam's memories

Memories of Ken Whyld

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