Annual general meeting of the Ken Whyld Association
in the Swiss Museum of Games and
impressions of the Chess Olympiad at Turin

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U. Schädler, A. Fayard, M. Negele
Ulrich Schädler personally cares for the welfare of his guests, on the left Alain Fayard and Michael Negele having a discussion.

The start on Thursday evening was literally drowned in water but that could hardly harm the good mood of the chess friends and their company gradually drifting in. At least there were some elements of surprise, so Tony Gillam and John Beasley never met in person before and we hadn’t reckoned at all on Alain Fayard’s participation. After all were put up in their hotels and also Lena Jönsson and Calle Erlandsson finally joined us during the dinner in an Italian restaurant, the start of the meeting was quite successful.

Tony Gillam,
John Donaldson and
Toni Preziuso
T. Gillam, J. Donaldson, T. Preziuso

A. Fayard & J. Beasley
Alain Fayard together with John Beasley,
in the background
Sue Beasley

Sue Beasley and
Marie-Theres Saremba
S. Beasley & M.-T. Saremba

Dinner in an Italian restaurant
Having dinner – John Donaldson, Tony Gillam, Marion Oeben-Negele and right in the front Andreas Saremba can be made out.

Next morning even more members arrived: Walter Simon, Bernd Ellinghoven and François Zutter; later on the Swiss "old-timer" of chess journalism, Alex Crisovan appeared together with his wife, further guests were Marie-Theres Saremba, Sue Beasley, Marion Oeben-Negele and Thomas Maeder from Bern.

A. Crisovan & C. Erlandsson
Alex Crisovan meets
Calle Erlandsson

From left : Tony Gillam, Ulrich Schädler, Andreas Saremba, Jurgen Stigter, Walter Simon and Sue Beasley
Group photo

C. Erlandsson, M. Negele, A. Saremba
Calle Erlandsson,
Michael Negele and
Andreas Saremba

Marion Oeben-Negele,
Frau Crisovan and
Toni Preziuso
M. Oeben-Negele, Fr. Crisovan, T. Preziuso

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