II International von der Lasa Conference
in Kórnik 2007

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Maria Gawlinska & Maciej Michalski
We were welcomed by director Dr Maria Gawlinska while Dr Maciej Michalski (on the right) ...

... informed us about the history and the architecture of the castle by his lecture "The castle in Osieczna at the turn of the 19th century and its iconographical representation".
Lecture in Storchnest Castle

Coat of arms v.d. Lasa
The coat of arms of the family
von Heydebrand und der Lasa
(on the left)

In 1890 Tassilo's son Heinrich as the owner started a renovation and extension of the castle, see the following sheet:

Sheet 'Conclusions'

Exhibition chess sets

A collection of attractive chess sets (from Wojciecha Koscielniaka)
was very popular and supplied rewarding motifs for our photographers.

Hübner vs Averbakh
Obviously only a very short game was played here. (Hübner vs Averbakh)

With a guided tour of the local Franciscan monastery our stay in Stork's Nest came to an end, we visited both the magnificent church belonging to the monastery (see the pictures below) and the chapel of the monks. The insights given into monastic life left the participants deeply impressed.



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