II International von der Lasa Conference
in Kórnik 2007

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Excursion to Osieczna ("Stork's Nest")

By the trip to Osieczna the visit of the town was made possible to us which the von der Lasa family had chosen as their domicile. The graves of the members of the family are also situated in its Protestant cemetery, only a short time ago they had been restored. Therefore first a visit of the Baron’s grave was on our agenda which took place in a commemorative ceremony together with a group of pupils from Osieczna.

A plaque at the cemetery points in Polish/German to the certainly most famous inhabitant of the town: Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa.
(Please click on the picture to read the German text.)
Plaque cemetery

At v.d. Lasa's grave

The commemorative ceremony at the graves


Grave Tassilo ... v.d. Lasa
Grave Heinrich v.d. Lasa

Grave of Tassilo von Heydebrand
und der Lasa
(In the back on the left the major
of Osieczna)
... and of his son Heinrich

Adam Hetnal had joined in as well.
Adam Hetnal

T. Lissowski & M. Negele
Tomasz Lissowski and Michal Negele

Toni Preziuso, Juri Awerbach and (partly hidden) Fred van der Vliet
T. Preziuso/J. Averbakh/F. v.d. Vliet

Press interviews Obviously this event had also attracted the local press who asked for some short interviews, Maria Łuczak was one of the "victims".

Andrzej Filipowicz looks quite sceptically ...

... as he as well couldn't escape at all.
Interview of Filipowicz

Castle Storchnest The next station of our trip was Storchnest Castle, here towards the lake ...

... with the palace tower
Palace tower

Castle Storchnest, west wing
... and a further partial view (west wing)

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