II International von der Lasa Conference
in Kórnik 2007

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Recital in the evening
A recital in the evening of the first day was part of the supporting programme too, the countertenor Tomasz Raczkiewicz was accompanied on the piano ...

... by the pianist Michal Karasiewicz.
The pianist

The opportunity to deal in the reading room with von der Lasa's estate was eagerly made use of, such as by Toni Preziuso, Alessandro Sanvito and Siegfried Schönle.

Chess historians

Chess historians
Jurgen Stigter met Yuri Averbakh there.

A viewing of the Biblioteka Kórnicka was offered as was a concluding guided tour of the castle.
The director of the library (photo below) showed the archives with the von der Lasa stocks to a selected small group (Robert Hübner, Karl Kadletz and Michael Negele).

v.d.Lasa archives



Reprint Erneutes Verzeichnes ...
In time for the conference a reprint of v. d. Lasa's "Erneutes Verzeichniss" had been finished which was naturally met everywhere with great interest.

The reprint from the publishing house Moravian Chess was presented by Jan Łuczak (brother of Maria Łuczak) ...
Presentation of the reprint

Distribution of the reprint
... and distributed afterwards.


In the afternoon of the third day GM Robert Hübner gave a simul against the youth of the chess section "The Rook".
Hübner simul

Commemorative document for Hübner
Ewelina Nowak, our guide of the castle and of the library's treasure chamber presented to Robert Hübner a commemorative document on his simul.

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