II International von der Lasa Conference
in Kórnik 2007

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Group at the laptop
A laptop too has a certain attraction.
Standing: the couple Schönle, Calle Erlandsson, Toni Preziuso and Karl Kadletz; sitting: Michael Negele, Tomasz Lissowski, Hedwig Kadletz.

Let's pick up again the threads of the lectures: Tomasz Lissowski reported on Tartakower in Poland in the summer of 1935 and gave a short résumé of Cezary Domanski's lecture who was not present (... about the many talents of Chaim Janowski).

Here his later report on the Kórnik meeting 2007.
Tomasz Lissowski

Jurgen Stigter
"Emanuel Lasker and Mathematics" was Jurgen Stigter's subject.

Kazimierz Krawiarz dealt in his lecture with "The Fate of German Chess Collections in Poland after World War II" .
Kazimierz Krawiarz

Maria Luczak
The topic of Maria Łuczak was "My Travel Round the World" - i. e. von der Lasa's world tour 1882-83 and the diary written during this travel, it was presented in extracts by Maria Łuczak.
A reprint of this diary has been promised.

On Wednesday evening it was also Maria Łuczak who offered historical posters on the chess congress New York 1857 for sale.
Poster sale

Supporting Programme
and Further Pleasant Events

Exhibition Kmiec's bookplates
The first conference day Krzysztof Kmiec from Kraków opened the exhibition "Not only chess ...", equipped with numerous bookplates.

Below some items from his collection.
(Click on small pictures!)

Exlibris I preview
Exlibris II preview

Moreover Krzysztof Kmiec presented his book which offers home-made bookplates from the field of pharmacy (see below).
Krzysztof Kmiec

We take from this book the preface (in English/German) as well as a biographical chapter (in German).

Treasures from the v.d. Lasa collection

In addition you were invited to admire treasures from the von der Lasa collection, here Siegfried Schönle was photographed in front of the
showcase with the rarities.


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