II International von der Lasa Conference
in Kórnik 2007

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In her lecture "Three Games, Three Times" Carmen Romeo devoted herself to an era when the European chess underwent a radical change. Three games (from 1400, 1475 and 1513) were the subject of her comparative examination.
Carmen Romeo

Siegfried Schönle
Siegfried Schönle, assisted by his spouse, presented "Chess in books of the Baroque period".

This subject was also published by Siegfried Schönle in book form, only recently we have presented that neat work on our pages.

Karl Kadletz, likewise accompanied by his spouse spoke about "Steinitz, Vienna and the Viennese".
Karl Kadletz

Ute Rettberg
The Indian game of Pachisi was the topic of Ute Rettberg's lecture.

Thus far the lectures of the first day - the second day was reserved for the excursion to Storchnest (Osieczna), we will go into that later on. The remaining 7 lectures were held on the third conference day.


Andrzej Filipowicz
Andrzej Filipowicz with his lecture on "80 Years of the Polish Chess Federation (1926-2006)".

Egbert Meissenburg dealt with the collection of chess works from James W. Rimington-Wilson (1822-1877).
Egbert Meissenburg

Fred van der Vliet
Fred van der Vliet devoted himself to the Dutch player G.C.A. Oskam ("The Man Who Knew Everybody").

Besides the extensive intellectual stimulation the bodily needs of the guests didn't come off badly either: Raymond Kuzanek, Calle Erlandsson, Tomasz Lissowski, Fred van der Vliet and others have a coffee break.
Coffee break

3 female guest speakers
Our three female guest speakers:
Maria Schetelich, Ute Rettberg and Carmen Romeo.

Major of Kórnik

Also the major of Kórnik, Jerzy Lechnerowski
temporarily honoured us with his presence.

Adam Hetnal

Next to the major (on the left) stands Adam Hetnal from the USA
who accompanies such meetings in Kórnik in the course of the
cultural exchange - on this occasion he is frequently helpful
as an interpreter. Sitting at the table: Fred van der Vliet
as well as Petra and Siegfried Schönle.

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