II International von der Lasa Conference
in Kórnik 2007

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Vlastimil Fiala
Vlastimil Fiala presented new findings from von der Lasa's chess career.

Isaak M. Linder who had come together with his son Vladimir spoke about "Von der Lasa and the Modern Age".
Isaak M. Linder

Father & son Linder

A snapshot of father and son Linder, once again the duo
was one of the most popular "objects" of the photo hunters.

The breaks were partly used for the supporting programme but were also welcome opportunities to exchange views and information.

Here Tomasz Lissowski (on the left) shows Isaak Linder his new biography on Jurek Lewi, there is also Jerzy Moras (on the right) present from Penelopa publishing house.
T. Lissowski with his new book

Chess historians

In Maria Łuczak's study: Alessandro Sanvito showed v.d. Lasa's
Polerio copies to Egbert Meissenburg and Siegfried Schönle .
In the background Jurgen Stigter.

Group photo in the cellar vaults

An additional group photo in the cellar vaults
before we continue with the lectures ...

Raymond Kuzanek
The US-American Raymond Kuzanek dealt with "The Letters of Frederic Edge".

The Indologist Maria Schetelich from Leipzig had an eye firmly on the Indian origin of chess.
Maria Schetelich

Alessandro Sanvito
Alessandro Sanvito reported on the Pacioli chess manuscript found in Italy.

Calle Erlandsson

Close attention not only of Calle Erlandsson,
also Toni Preziuso and Egbert Meissenburg seem very concentrated.

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