II International von der Lasa Conference
in Kórnik 2007

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Group photo of the participants

Participants and hosts on the steps leading up to the castle

Last year for the second time (after 2002) an international conference was held in Kórnik castle in honour of the famous master, author and chess historian Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa (1818-1899). A considerable number of guests had followed the invitation of the new director of the library, Prof. Tomasz Jasinski as well as of the curator of the van der Lasa collection, Maria
Łuczak, as is also revealed by the above group photo.

The three-day conference had been fixed at October 22nd to 24th, naturally the lectures of the altogether 18 speakers who presented the results of their own research were the centre of attention. But also a social supporting programme including an excursion to Osieczna (Storchnest) contributed decisively to a varied and very successful event.

People in Kórnik try hard to present increasingly often the existing chess treasures there as well as the castle in its entirety to an international audience. A first step in this direction was the exhibition Kórnik – A Schinkel Castle in Poland which was held in Potsdam already halfway through 2006. Here is an information about that event (click the small picture on the right).
Leaflet exhibition Potsdam

Opening of the Conference - The Lectures

Prof. Tomasz Jasinski
Prof. Tomasz Jasinski was responsible for the official opening of the conference, he welcomed the guests.

Dr Andrzej Filipowicz, widely known as Polish FIDE delegate and as the editor of the magazine Szachista was chosen as the conference leader.
Andrzej Filipowicz

Janosz Woda

Also Janosz Woda, president of the Polish chess federation
was present for a while ...

R. Hübner & H. Erenska-Barlo
... as well as Hanna Erenska-Barlo who has many times been the Polish woman
champion, here together with GM Robert Hübner.

Michael Negele started the series of lectures with the contribution "Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Koch, a forerunner of Paul Rudolph von Bilguer and Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa". Here his lecture (pdf-file, 4.2 MB) as well as the corresponding contribution (pdf / 1 MB) for the planned conference volume.

Michael Negele

He was followed by the Russian old-timer Yuri L. Averbakh who reported on the early days of chess in Europe.
Yuri Averbakh

Many well-known faces when looking to the audience.

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