On the way to "mystic places":
From the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee
to Kórnik Castle

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Having breakfast
Next morning – feeling very content after having some refreshment in the form of a rich breakfast – we headed back, the visit was worth the strenuous journey.

Probably the participants of the first von der Lasa symposium in 2002 felt the same way – in the first row our unforgotten Ken Whyld:

Group photo 2002

Now we can only hope that a second event of that kind will bring us all again to Kórnik in October 2007.
In the following – to give a small foretaste – some more impressions of Kórnik and of the castle’s interior:


Kórnik Castle

Castle grounds

The moat
The moat with a view of the castle grounds.

The small town with appr. 6000 inhabitants is surrounded by wonderful woods on the Greater Polish Lakes, about 20 km southeast of Poznan (Posen).
Aerial photo of Kórnik

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