On the way to "mystic places":
From the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee
to Kórnik Castle

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Modern collectors and chess historians like us can’t get over our amazement there – sheer inexhaustible sources are still to examine and to analyse in the records of Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa.

Calle is "digging" in old documents ...


Naturally Tomasz Lissowski was a frequent guest in Kórnik before, but today he could show all this to his friends what he was clearly proud of.
T. Lissowski

T. Lissowski & Tony Gillam
Tony Gillam was obviously impressed and speechless at times – which happens very rarely.

Our excellent host in dreamlike surroundings –
Maria Łuczak.
Maria Luczak

Calle Erlandsson & Ralf Binnewirtz
After that it was time to quench our thirst in Kórnik at night. Not an easy undertaking, but after all many a glass of good Polish beer ran through thirsty throats, and close German-Swedish friendships were to be noted as well.

While Ralf Binnewirtz is possibly dreaming about "Selenus", there is still some chess history successfully dealt with at the next table (see below).
Ralf Binnewirtz

Toni Preziuso & Michael Negele

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