On the way to "mystic places":
From the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee
to Kórnik Castle

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M. Luczak & M. Negele
There were some talks as well: Maria Łuczak and Michael Negele are attentively listening to the words of Andreas Saremba speaking in his capacity as a board member of the Emanuel Lasker Society.


Zukertort and "Cremetorte"
(cream gateau) ...
Chess cake for dessert

M. Luczak & T. Lissowski with chess cake
... our two Polish friends couldn’t avoid this funny pose -

... now a dedicated copy of our book also belongs to   >>

In the treasure chamber
Finally having arrived in the treasure chamber!

Naturally the library had been closed some time ago, therefore Maria Łuczak had arranged for bringing the most beautiful books, quite a lot of documents and certificates owned by von der Lasa to the castle ...
In the treasure chamber II

Maria Luczak

von der Lasa
... the former owner "kept watch with a stern face" over the late guests.

The pictures give only a minor impression of the collection – here the nice auction catalogue of the house Karl & Faber, Munich of the year 1935, in order to show which treasures can’t be shown any more in Kórnik, unfortunately.
von der Lasa

Von der Lasa had documented his stock very well, that was still possible at that time by a volume of 166 pages which he got produced for the first time in 1887 in an edition of 75 copies. (In 2002 the Bibliotek Kórnickie published a reprint of this list, unfortunately it’s now out of print again.)

Reprint 'Sammlung' - front cover
Reprint 'Sammlung' verso

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