On the way to "mystic places":
From the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee
to Kórnik Castle

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Stefan Hansen (Spiritus Rector of the Lasker project) in dialogue with Jurgen Stigter who will deal with Lasker’s mathematics – together with professor Norbert Schappacher from Strasbourg.
S. Hansen & J. Stigter

Tony Gillam
I wonder if Tony Gillam is still suspecting lost games on Lasker’s desk? Behind that you can see the historic chess table of the world championship match 1910 Lasker – Schlechter.

Prof. Hans Holländer (on the left), like Ralph Schiffmann a steady guest and supporter of the Lasker society.
Prof. Holländer & R. Schiffmann

M. Negele & T. Preziuso
At least Toni Preziuso accepts my expositions with kind and joyful calmness, while beside a relaxed Andreas Saremba (see below) Tony Gillam gives the impression of being more concentrated – certainly the discussion was just in German once again.

T. Gillam & A. Saremba

Stefan Hansen, quasi the master in the Dorland house, explains once again his motives for supporting the Lasker book: at least it should be as thick as Richard Forster’s "Amos Burn" ... Ralf Binnewirtz thinks this idea to be quite amusing, and in the background Susanna Poldauf is "beaming", she will tell about "Lasker and the Berlin Bohemian world".
Stefan Hansen

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