Short preview of the general meeting
in La Tour-de-Peilz and the
following meeting in Turin

17 members (and some guests as Mrs Crisovan, Tamás Erdélyi's companion, Daniel Lovas, and Raoul Perrenoud, son of François Zutter) took part in our general meeting at La Tour-de-Peilz. The following photo was taken on Mai 20 in the inner courtyard of the Swiss Museum of Games, only Richard Forster and John Donaldson are missing, they had to leave already the evening before.


Group photo general meeting

From left : Toni Preziuso, Walter Simon, Tamás Erdélyi, Frau Crisovan, Daniel Lovas, Dusan Vukovic, Alex Crisovan,
bernd ellinghoven, Jurgen Stigter, Calle Erlandsson, François Zutter with son Raoul, Ulrich Schädler,
Andreas Saremba, Alain Fayard, John Beasley, Tony Gillam, Michael Negele

Then in Turin four of our Italian members met four participants of La Tour-de-Peilz, a photo of this smaller circle is given below (Antonio Rosino who had to carry out organizational duties is missing).

Meeting in Turin

from left, sitting: Carlo Alberto Pagni, Alessandro Sanvito, Romano Bellucci,
Jurgen Stigter, Tamás Erdélyi; standing: Andreas Saremba, Michael Negele

A detailed report on these meetings accompanied by numerous photos will soon be published at our pages.