Highest Level with Modest Participation

A Personal Experience Report of an "Old" European
from the "Wide West" of the USA

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Ian Rogers giving a lecture on Purdy

Yakov Zusmanovich starts his presentation on Feodor Bohatirchuk

Feodor Bohatirchuk -
"Free man in a free country"

For the first time I could have a look at the legendary autobiography
of Bohatirchuk "My Path of Life to Wlassow and the Prague Manifest",
published in San Francisco 1978 in Russian. (Michael Negele)

Anthony Saidy on Bobby Fischer – a nearly inexhaustible subject.

Sunday, 11 October

9.3011.00 am
Book market (Turned out to be a more disappointing affair as scarcely anything was offered. At least I found some customers, so I lost a little "weight". But that was more than once overcompensated by the books I received from the MI offered for sale ...)

Talk by the world's soon to be youngest author, 13-year-old FM Daniel Naroditsky (publisher New in Chess).
(A really memorable presentation as the father of the boy was naturally present as well, and he extensively paid attention to the favorable impression. For me it was rather unreal that a youngster reflects so earnestly in public on chess and his career as an author.)

The phenomenon Daniel Naroditsky

11.30 am – 12.15 pm
As already mentioned, the intended talk by Phil McCready on Nikolay Minev and self publishing had to be cancelled.
Instead my (usual) Lasker presentation which was well received.

Then due to lack of time: perhaps too short appreciated the nice compilation of Kerry Lawless, quite a few were already "on tenterhooks" for departure.

12.15–12.45 pm
Talk by Kerry Lawless on and California Periodicals.

On the left: Kerry Lawless’ bibliography of Californian chess periodicals, each participant received a copy.

Kerry Lawless

In "time-trouble" the contribution of IM John Donaldson about the longest running regional periodical in the world (Northwest Chess 1947 to the present) had also to be cancelled.

12.45–1.00 pm
Thereafter time was short for the closing comments of Andy who appeared a little disappointed about the humble participation (both US and Europe). It remains to be seen if a majority will argue again for a 2011 event in the USA (Cleveland). Perhaps the interview with Lissa Waite is an opportunity to promote it a little.

After the rapid closing of the session I had the logistic problem to return to the airport with three pieces of luggage (and two hands), without arranging for a horrendous expensive taxi. It worked out and I could make another dream come true:

To drive by rental car in a southward direction along the world’s dream-road, California Highway No. 1 from Monterey (Carmel) via Big Sur to Sanct Simeon (and Hearst Castle). But this is a different story completely faraway from chess.

On the right: MapEasy's Guidemap To
California Highway One
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