Highest Level with Modest Participation

A Personal Experience Report of an "Old" European
from the "Wide West" of the USA

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Nevertheless there were numerous illustrious guests, such as Ian and Cathy Rogers who had made a stopover in San Francisco on their way back from China to Australia. On Sunday Ian had still given a training for the youth of the MI chess club. Besides IM Dr Anthony Saidy from LA who could tell a lot about Bobby Fischer and the US chess scene of the sixties to the eighties. Then the legendary but quite silent IM Walter Shipman, the Morphy book author Frisco Del Rosario and Robert Moore (formerly Anchorage, Alaska) who presented to the participants his nice elaboration on "Alaska’s First Chess Champion", William Andrews Dickey (*20/10/1862 in Manchester, Dec. 1939 in Seattle). A particular specialty as you will search in vain for W.A. Dickey in the "Gaige" volume.

Ian and Cathy Rogers with Anthony Saidy

Walter Shipman, in the background Andy Ansel

We link an online contribution about the U.S. Senior Open 2007 with some information on Walter Shipman.

Frisco Del Rosario autographing his Morphy textbook.

Frisco Del Rosarios
Morphy book

Bob Moore's booklet on W.A. Dickey

Robert Moore was seated in the back corner of the auditorium

The young Andrew Smith (photo right) recorded the complete event by means of the latest technology, an appealing contrast to Richard Shorman (picture below) who shot his photos in the conventional way, printed them on the spot and delighted the participants with them. Very original. (According to Andy: Long-time columnist for the Hayward paper and fixture in the SF Bay Area chess scene.)

More about Richard Shorman at
In addition: Richard Shorman Lectures at ChessDryad.Com.

Richard Shorman and Kerry Lawless

The program of Saturday was so intensive that I had to postpone my presentation of the Lasker project to Sunday morning.

Saturday, 10 October

9.30–10.30 am
Tour of Mechanics' Chess Club and Library by IM John Donaldson.

10.30–11.30 am
Opening of the KWA meeting by Andy Ansel.

11.30 am – 12.45 pm
Major lecture by GM Ian Rogers on Cecil Purdy (a brilliant entertaining talk on Purdy’s life which was totally devoted to chess. Presented very perceptively and very comprehensibly, a real highlight for the KWA. There were numerous questions and discussions.)

1.00–2.00 pm
Lunch at Taylor's Automat (hamburger restaurant at the piers).

2.30–4.00 pm
Yakov Zusmanovich’s talk on Feodor Bohatirchuk (most interesting due to the many original documents shown, but maybe a little too copious. Yakov is just very enthusiastic about this partly also political project.)

4.00–4.45 pm
Talk by IM Anthony Saidy about "My battles with Fischer" (Naturally very diverting and funny. There were many questions, unfortunately Tony Saidy didn’t join us in the evening.)

From 5.30 pm by BART to Berkeley.
7.00 pm Dinner in Udupi Palace (Indian restaurant).

John Donaldson, Myron Samsin and Cathy Rogers

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