Highest Level with Modest Participation

A Personal Experience Report of an "Old" European
from the "Wide West" of the USA

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Actually that would already do for two days, but at 3 pm we had an appointment with John at the Mechanics’ Institute where soon afterwards Andy Ansel and other US participants joined us.

Jurgen Stigter as a mirror image!

Jurgen Stigter, Kerry Lawless and Andy Ansel
in the Mechanics' Institute

Further pictures of the Mechanics’ Institute are waiting for you in this gallery (with 25 photos).

After a short tour of the chess club rooms we started out to Chinatown for dinner, afterwards Jurgen and I could – in company of Kerry Lawless – have a look at some "night life" in downtown. That the sleep was finally suboptimal – see above ...

Here you will enter Chinatown

Jurgen Stigter and Kerry Lawless

Union Square at night, under the expert guide of Kerry we used the external elevator
of the Westin Saint Francis Hotel for a "night view of the city".

Cable Car Turnaround
[For details see San Francisco Cable Cars at Wikipedia]

However on Saturday morning I was quite astonished what an interesting group of participants had come about.
Indeed the participation of members was far below the numbers of NYC and Dresden, even still lower than at the comparably unfavorable KWA annual meeting 2006 at La Tour-de-Peiltz on Lake Geneva. But to my surprise Myron Samsin from Ottawa was present, with whom we discussed the book projects of the KWA.

Andy Ansel, Myron Samsin and Andy Milburn

Moreover the CA boys Kerry, John and Yakov as well as Andy Ansel. Unfortunately Phil McCready from Seattle had to cancel at short notice because of a family matter, hence his lecture on Nikolai Minew (and self publication of chess books) was omitted. Lawrence Totaro from Las Vegas was missed as well, from the East Coast not a single chess friend came apart from Andy Ansel.

Andy Ansel, Yakov Zusmanovich, Anthony Saidy and John Donaldson

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