Historical Articles
on regional chess events


We are able to present you a lucky find here: a report on the Chess Congress Brunswick 1880, taken from Chess Monthly August, 1880. The chess exhibition in the Brunswick museum at the same time had been equipped with precious exhibits from Wolfenbüttel: Brunswick 1880 (starting in the middle of p 355).

Chess friend Rainer Krämer from Wittmar has kindly offered us the use of an article (including pictures) about chess events in Wolfenbüttel, which he has written for a local history book of the rural district of Wolfenbüttel 2004 and which we herewith would like to pass on to our readers: Chess in Wolfenbüttel (pdf file; in German only); we have arranged the pictures (photos, papers) illustrating this article in a small picture gallery.
Sincere thanks go to Mr. Krämer for his fine chronicle.

Catalogue of the exhibition
at the Bibliotheca Augusta
11/26/1992 – 05/31/1993

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