Foundation of the Ken Whyld Association

Second Stage:
Foundation Meeting
in Brunswick

The auction house Klittich-Pfankuch on Theaterwall

Back from Wolfenbüttel there was a well-deserved break in the auction house on Theaterwall, which kept the guests happy with beer straight from the wood and additional snacks. As in the meantime even those participants had arrived who had not been able to get to Wolfenbüttel, the foundation meeting started at the auction hall after a small delay, at 17:30 p.m.

1st row
: Christine Möhle and Godehard Murkisch
2nd row: Frank Schubert, Henri Serruys and Wolfgang Remin

Following a short welcome by our host Roger Klittich, Jurgen Stigter gave a first introduction to the Ken Whyld Association, reminding everyone once more of the basic aims and concepts of our association, as they were initially developed by the “Amsterdam-group”. The essential points of this presentation may be recapitulated in the “Marburg Presentation” (see link). In addition Jurgen introduced, with several photos, those members of the “Amsterdam-group” who unfortunately couldn’t get to Brunswick.

On the left: Rolf Littorin, Calle Erlandsson and Tony Gillam
On the right: Matthias Limberg

Afterwards the four main aims of the KWA, which are also established in this version in our articles, were presented by Michael Negele. These aims met with the general approval of the assembly, so a short-term extension or modification of them doesn’t have to be contemplated.

A (speeded up) brief run through the pages of the KWA website, which was made offline (for technical reasons) by Ralf Binnewirtz, reminded us, amongst other things, of our deceased friends, Ken Whyld and Horst Lüders, who are both acknowledged with a Memorial Page. The webmaster’s successful work was everywhere met with kind applause.
The possibility was demonstrated of installing member websites. An individual internet presence, adapted in the layout of the KWA site, will be offered to interested members for a small fee. More detailed terms have to be agreed with the webmaster.

Roger Klittich, Jurgen Stigter and Ralf Binnewirtz

In his usual practised manner Michael Negele made the main part of the presentation and discussion of the articles. As the details of the statutes may be seen on the KWA homepage, they will not be covered further here.
The nominated board functions were presented by Michael Negele as well as the role of possible further associate members of the board. For the latter the term “co-opted, non-voting members” was proposed by Tony Gillam, which met with general approval. A further suggestion by Rudolf Glenk to distribute the Association’s circulars in future also in printed form was affirmatively received as well.

Michael Negele, Juan Morgado and Peter Holmgren

Afterwards Jurgen Stigter began to speak in order to illuminate the budget / finances of the KWA for the Association’s first year, i.e. 2004. A sound financial basis seems to be ensured by the encouragingly large number of members at the start, possibly supported by additional voluntary contributions.

The following general statements relating to finance were made:

1) To cover possible start up expenses (website, server) the board will endeavour to obtain a minimum of 10 initial donations to the KWA.
2) A software solution (MARK) for the import and export of bibliographical data should be acquired.
3) Owing to the generous sponsorship by the firm Klittich-Pfankuch there would be no expenses for the KWA from the foundation meeting. The reprint of Ken Whyld’s “Chess Reader” will be handed over to the members as an initial gift; the costs of production will be met by Vlastimil Fiala (publisher) and Jurgen Stigter (material costs).
4) Possible remaining profits from the knock-on financing will be added to the current budget of the KWA; possible losses will have to be taken from the club’s finances and covered by the membership fees of 2004.
5) Publications by the KWA may need knock-on financing (for example a fee for translations), which will not completely flow back from the profit. Such projects will be presented to a general meeting which will decide on each one individually.
6) Administration costs have to be kept low (there will be hardly any postal charges due to distribution via email; bank charges must be as low as possible).

Tony Gillam, Jurgen Stigter and Tomasz Lissowski

The statements of Jurgen Stigter on the subject of the database were restricted (due to lack of time) essentially to a demonstration of different search enquiries and the possible combinations of search keys. At the time of the KWA foundation the online connection from the website to the database or catalogue had not yet been realized.

The first book project of the KWA, the publication of a German-language biography on Zukertort, is to be tackled jointly by Thomas Lemanczyk (translator), Tomasz Lissowski and Michael Negele.
Based on the Polish biography on Zukertort by C.W. Domanski and T. Lissowski (Warsaw 2002), Michael Negele discussed a realistic financing scheme for the planned publication.
A (German) publisher has still to be found.
(Postscript: see Publications)

Andreas Saremba undertook to check the possibility of “Book on demand” as a method of publication. Moreover he suggested the electronic storage of historically important chess literature on the website, being free available to all interested parties.

Manfred Mittelbach and Hans-Jürgen Fresen

After a break, also used by some participants to confirm their KWA membership by an entry in the membership list, the vote for the founding of the KWA was taken which was unanimous.
Thus the Ken Whyld Association was officially founded.
The election of the board followed confirming the nominated candidates in their positions and this was also unanimous. Besides Jurgen Stigter and Michael Negele the other Board members are Peter Holmgren (deputy chairman), Hans Engberts (treasurer), Roger Klittich (counsel) and Juan Morgado (representative for Latin America). Those present briefly introduced themselves.

Juan Morgado and Joop Jansen

A final kind word by Mr. Roger Klittich concluded the meeting. Afterwards, in a friendly get-together, the participants could look back on an eventful day and look forward with interest to the auction the next day.

Jurgen Stigter, Henri Serruys and Ralf Binnewirtz

The first board meeting, planned for immediately after the foundation, had to be postponed because of the reduced time and the departure of Hans Engberts and is planned now for 2003-11-29 in Amsterdam (Jurgen Stigter, Peter Holmgren and Hans Engberts).

In closing we would like to express our sincere thanks to our host, Mrs. Adelheid Klittich-Pfankuch and Mr. Roger Klittich, for the generous hospitality in their house, without which the foundation of the KWA could not have been so successful.


Mr and Mrs Klittich
(May 2001)

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