The Fiske Library at Reykjavik

National and University Library of Iceland

Again Gunnar Finnlaugsson has sent us some pictures from Iceland, this time from his visit of the marvellous Fiske library on 15 January 2010. This library is situated in the National Library of Iceland in Reykjavik.

Chess books and bound volumes of magazines


Willard Fiske: Chess in Iceland (1905)

W. Fiske: Chess Tales & Chess Miscellanies (1912)

The British Chess Magazine 1881


Volumes of the Deutsche Schachzeitung

W. Fiske: Í Uppnámi (1902)
Original of the Icelandic magazine (N/L 6173)

Dubuque Chess Journal 1870

La Stratégie - Journal d'Échecs, 1867

Damiano: Libro da Imparare Giochare à Scachi, Et de belissimi Partiti, ...
- from the 16th century.
Which one is the edition depicted here?

Gunnar Finnlaugsson, 16/01/2010


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