Chess Festival at Fagernes

Open Norwegian Championship 2011

Our Norwegian member Øystein Brekke who acted as organizer of the new Norwegian festival has sent us a press release and some photos which we reproduce below.

The Fagernes Hotel

From left organizer Øystein Brekke, Sergey Tiviakov and vice-mayor Svein Erik Hilmen.

Tiviakov winning his decisive game against Swedish veteran GM Lars Karlsson.

Anders Thingstad (15) surprised the SOS Opening Surprises editor IM
Jeroen Bosch by defeating him.

A game of generations: Per Ofstad (76) (left) was Norwegian junior
champion of 1951 and Norwegian champion of 1961, here playing the also
talented Sebastian Mihajlov (12) of Oslo Schakselskap.

Norwegians for the future: Aryan Tari (12) was able to draw against
Frode Olav Urkedal (17) who is already an IM, but got the title award a
bit belated due to a late report.

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