The KWA met in "Elbflorenz"

Annual Meeting on November 8th/9th, 2008

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M. Limberg & H.-J. Fresen

Matthias Limberg (on the left) who became a KWA member
on this Sunday afternoon is our 165th member
and at the same time one of the youngest.

Michael Negele

Michael Negele on the hunt for photographs –
unfortunately he was not photographed himself during his talk.

The entertaining-humorous talk of Michael Negele, "Arnold Schottländer – a cripple, fond of chess" may be regarded as a little reverence for Wrocław as well. He explored the question who this Silesian master and pupil of Anderssen really was, who – being at a disadvantage owing to physical afflictions – attracted attention by his occasionally disrespectful behaviour at chess tournaments and moreover had a loose tongue. One of his bon-mots which survived him was a remark he was supposed to have made to his wife: "Louise, if one of us dies, I think I’ll move to Berlin." (According to Edward Lasker, Chess Secrets.)
For this lecture too we can offer the presentation sheets (with Michael’s German-English mix) as a pdf file (1.5 MB). We may also refer here again to the already shown grave of Schottländer in Wrocław, there exists a small Wikipedia web page on A.S. as well.

The audience

The one half of the audience ...

The audience - other half

... and the other half

John Donaldson

John Donaldson
who above all had come to Dresden as the captain of the US-American Olympic team gave us pleasure by his talk on the oldest American chess club ("Some remarks to the History of the Oldest Chess Club in the United States").

This traditional club is located at the Mechanics' Institute, San Francisco, we already know this institute a little from one of Michael Negele’s expeditions in 2004 (see On the Gold Rush's track).

There is an extensive section of 11(!) web pages History of the MI Chess Room at the Mechanics’ Chess Club web site presenting the chronicle of the club – plenty of reading material for all who wish to learn more about this issue.

John Donaldson's talk

John Donaldson giving his talk, in the picture
the homepage of the Mechanics’ Institute

Susanne v. Kempen & Ralf Binnewirtz

Perfect timing of a snapshot: I wonder what our webmaster
wanted to show to his neighbour (Susanne van Kempen)?

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