The KWA met in "Elbflorenz"

Annual Meeting on November 8th/9th, 2008

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Our book market was due on Sunday morning, we can offer a small picture gallery of this meanwhile traditional institution as well.

Book market

The book market in the Bridge Room of the SchillerGarten –
for each (chess) taste there was something available.
Additional 9 photos in this gallery!

Manfred Mädler

Manfred Mädler at the front door of his Blasewitz villa (with a chess keepsake from Brunswick)
In the meantime the Chess House Mädler nearby had also attracted some collectors who promptly made a strike in the antiquarian stocks of the chess shop.

On the occasion of the Chess Olympiad the Mädlers could notch up an increasing media presence: not only an article was published in the November issue of the local Elbhang-Kurier entitled "Schachhaus Mädler - Die Olympia-Schach-Uhr tickt auch in Blasewitz" with Manfred on the title page - "Schach macht nicht matt, sondern schlau!" (title page / article - page 1 / - page 2), but also a nice pictorial report Besuch bei Mädlers in Dresden (by André Schulz, in German only) could be called up a little later at ChessBase which gives among other things some impressions of the "inner world" of the chess shop.

Manfred Mädler showed us a private piece of memorabilia, it’s the announcement of the last chess lecture Manfred has given in Dresden before his leaving to the west in 1951. (Click on the small picture on the right to enlarge.)
Manfred's last lecture 1951

The Sunday afternoon was reserved for the lectures of our members, for that we had the magnificent Elbe Room at our disposal (see picture below).

Elbe Room

Right at the beginning the plenary talk was on the agenda, this time it was given by our Dresden member Frank Schubert – it was a matter of honour for him to take on this task for the KWA without requiring any fee!

Frank Schubert’s topic was "New developments in historical chess ratings and their potential benefit for chess historians" where after his introduction he first gave a historical overview of the early rating systems, then he went over to the Elo system and its developments and finally presented a new method elaborated by him which avoids the inherent disadvantages of the old systems: maybe the "VRIM – Variable Rating Iteration Method" will be able to supersede the current systems in not too distant future.
Frank Schubert
There will be done some more work on the still existing problem of long computing times, but there are already promising attempts at a solution. You will learn more from the presentation sheets Frank Schubert let us have for publication [as a pdf file (2.4 MB), explicitly in our member section only as the results are meant for a future publication].

Frank Schubert giving his lecture

This lecture, rich in content and deliberately not too scientifically formulated, met with an intense applause. In the end Frank Schubert accepted a present with pleasure – Michael Negele gave him a copy of our "Festschriften" bibliography signed by all participants.

There followed a varied series of short talks which gripped the audience owing to topic and content. Hans-Jürgen Fresen started with "My Anderssen collection and its history"...

Hans-Jürgen Fresen

H.-J. Fresen with Anderssen chessman
... this talk especially appealing to our collectors, was at the same time a perfect transition to the visit of Wrocław next day – this city is known to have been Anderssen’s home town and his grave is also in Wrocław (see the photos below).

In the picture on the left Hans-Jürgen with a chessman from the original Anderssen cess set.

You may read his lecture word for word in this pdf file (in German only), the Anderssen memorabilia presented (from his own stock) are accessible in this picture gallery.

Anderssen's grave in Wroclaw

Anderssen’s grave in Wrocław
and the memorial slab (photo below)

Anderssen memorial slab

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