The KWA met in "Elbflorenz"

Annual Meeting on November 8th/9th, 2008

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The “Frauenkirche” belongs to the most famous symbols of Dresden.
Its rebuilding was completed in 2004.

You will find a series of additional photos – also of the three Elbe castles on the right side of the Elbe (Albrechtsberg Castle, Lingner Castle and Eckberg Castle) – in the following picture gallery (17 photos).

Finally we met for dinner in the restaurant "Kanzlei", a "gourmet haunt" in the Dresden district Striesen which had a quite extravagant menu.

Skandinavisch-deutsche Tischgesellschaft

A Scandinavian-German dinner party: Per Skjoldager,
Claes Løfgren, Hans-Jürgen Fresen and Matthias Limberg

V. Fiala, T. Preziuso, A. Saremba

Vlastimil Fiala, Toni Preziuso und Andreas Saremba
- obviously arrived at the hors d’œuvre.

T. Gillam, F. Schubert, S. v. Kempen, R. Binnewirtz

Still waiting to see what would happen: Tony Gillam, Frank Schubert,
Susanne van Kempen and Ralf Binnewirtz

R. Binnewirtz & M. Negele

The meal for our webmaster has arrived meanwhile,
Michael Negele can at least taste the cool wine.

-be- und die Mädlers

bernd ellinghoven had joined the Mädlers –
apparently they leaf through Scacchia Ludus I first.

K. Kadletz, B. van de Velde

Karl Kadletz and the Dutch bridge expert Bob van de Velde

G. Finnlaugsson & C. Erlandsson

The KWA duo from the Swedish town of Lund –
Gunnar Finnlaugsson and Calle Erlandsson

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