The KWA met in "Elbflorenz"

Annual Meeting on November 8th/9th, 2008

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Couple van Kempen, Karl Kadletz

Susanne and Heinz van Kempen from Leverkusen, next to them (on the right)
our Austrian member Karl Kadletz. Our Ken Whyld poster
could be effectively placed too.

Tony Gillam & Karl Klittich

Tony Gillam and our new German country’s representative Karl Klittich
who had to start his return journey to Brunswick after a short attendance.

J. Donaldson, T. Preziuso, A. Saremba

Two Rubinstein experts have found each other: John Donaldson (on the left)
and Toni Preziuso (right). In between Andreas Saremba who will soon
look again after the BoC database.

During the following tour of the city by bus only a small part of the numerous Dresden sights could be closely looked at. The historical monuments of the old part of Dresden were the centre of attention, they are partly lit with light at this time and therefore have a very impressive effect even on dull November evenings – the small photo selection below may roughly show that.

Dresden Zwinger

The universally known Dresden "Zwinger" (entrance) – a masterpiece of the courtly baroque
– originally laid out as an orangery for August the Strong.

Catholic Court Church

The Catholic Court Church on the Theaterplatz

Procession of Princes

The famous "Fürstenzug" [Procession of Princes] –
800 years of Dresden history on Meissen china tiles!


The enchanting Coselpalais –
a baroque Grand Café and restaurant near the "Frauenkirche"

Mrs Thieme - our guide

Our guide Mrs Thieme had to summarize the Dresden building history in a nutshell.
In the front our webmaster "illuminated by flashlight", on the left
Hans-Jürgen Fresen looking at the night sky.


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