The KWA met in "Elbflorenz"

Annual Meeting on November 8th/9th, 2008

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This year’s general meeting was held in Dresden immediately after our Brunswick anniversary celebration, the capital of Saxony was the obvious place for the meeting as a particularly attractive combination of chess events should be made possible for our members by a further attendance at the soon starting Chess Olympiad as well as at a "bridging" trip to Wrocław.

Restaurant SchillerGarten

Our venue – the restaurant-café SchillerGarten situated directly
on the river Elbe and at the base of the "Blue Wonder".

SchillerGarten Rückseite

The nice beer garden belonging to the restaurant and with a view of the Elbe
is hardly visible here (right on the left in the picture). Even a book
has been published on the traditional Blasewitz inn, see



Blaues Wunder

Here is the frequently quoted “Blue Wonder” – connection between the districts
Blasewitz and Loschwitz. The bridge got its name owing to the blue coat of paint
and because it was regarded as a wonder of engineering skills at that time.
On the occasion of the Chess Olympiad four flags had been hoisted
at the highest parts of the steel construction.

Our general meeting could start on time in the early Saturday afternoon – the room was nearly filled to capacity and the restaurant had dealt to our complete satisfaction with the technical precautions.
The participants – members and guests – are listed below (in alphabetical order):
Hans-Henning Albrecht (temporarily), Ralf Binnewirtz, Iván Bottlik, John Donaldson, Bernd Ellinghoven, Tamás Erdélyi, Calle Erlandsson, Vlastimil Fiala, Gunnar Finnlaugsson, Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Tony Gillam, Karl Kadletz, Karl Klittich (temporarily), Matthias Limberg, Claes Løfgren, Manfred and Monika Mädler (temporarily), Michael Negele, Toni Preziuso, Andreas Saremba, Petra and Siegfried Schönle (temporarily), Frank Schubert, Per Skjoldager, Jurgen Stigter, Bob van de Velde, Susanne and Heinz van Kempen.

Versammlung im Herrenzimmer

General meeting in the "Gentlemen’s Room" of the SchillerGarten.
Centrally placed at the laptop beamer combination: Michael Negele who is appearing
here for the last time in his function as German country’s representative.
As of now Karl Klittich will take on this task as his successor.
(Please click on the picture to enlarge the photo!)

Jurgen Stigter - deputy chairman

Jurgen Stigter and Michael Negele shared the presentation of the meeting.
In the background visible are (from left) Matthias Limberg, John Donaldson,
Andreas Saremba and Vlastimil Fiala.

The following pdf file file will give you an overview of the agenda as well as of the different points dealt with (in the member section, log-in required).

Manfred & Monika Mädler

Manfred and Monika Mädler who together with our Dresden member
Frank Schubert helped us with the organization of our meeting.
The well-known Chess House Mädler is only about 10 minutes’ walk away.

I. Bottlik, T. Erdélyi, G. Finnlaugsson

On the left our two Hungarian members – Iván Bottlik and Tamás Erdélyi,
on the right the Icelander living in Sweden, Gunnar Finnlaugsson.

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