Many a Handshake in Wijk aan Zee
- KWA Members Meet ...

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Meeting with Peter de Jong

Back in Wijk, on the advanced Sunday morning we had a
meeting with Peter de Jong where we talked about his contribution
to the big Emanuel Lasker biography.

Antiquarian book stand

Again the book stands were attractive for collectors, on Sunday we could go hunting for bargains at the antiquarian Mulder Boekenvreugd (from Zutphen). In the meantime another Dutch KWA member had
joined us, Ton de Vreede (on the left) immediately presented
us his nice club magazine (see below).

Ton de Vreede is one of the two editors in chief of this half-yearly club magazine which even contains a series of articles in colour print (about chess stamps). Especially valuable are the historical games dug up by Ton de Vreede and published here for the first time.
Former issues of the magazine can be downloaded from the club homepage (as pdf-files).

Group photo

The obligatory group photo on Sunday afternoon:
Michael Negele, Ralf Binnewirtz, Ton de Vreede, Øystein Brekke
and Peter de Jong. At that time Bernd Schneider
was still playing his last rapid game ...

The unchallenged victory in the rapid tournament went to Bernd Schneider (scoring 6.5 out of 7), after the vigorously applauded presentation ceremony he gave us a demonstration of his win from the last round.
Bernd Schneider tournament winner!

Ralf Binnewirtz & Alain Fayard A last photo in the late afternoon just before driving back: Ralf Binnewirtz and Alain Fayard in front of the tournament hall.

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