Many a Handshake in Wijk aan Zee
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The crowded tournament hall
Peak period in the tournament hall: The crowd of visitors caused a noticeable increase of the indoor temperature, furthermore the tournament air was piquantly enriched by vapours of hot pea soup moving over from the catering corner.

The reigning world champion was on the way up, on Saturday he could make his first full point against a Judith Polgar in poor form, and there should follow a convincing win over Topalov on Sunday.
Vishy Anand

Lajos Portisch
One of the old chess legends taking part in the Honorary – Lajos Portisch looks critically at Michael Adams’ game. But this day he couldn’t avoid a defeat against the irrepressible Kortschnoi.

Aronian vs Radjabov was another top duel, the former decided this positional game in his favour.

Further impressions of the tournaments are recorded in this picture gallery.
Aronian vs Radjabov



Analysis in the Pavilion
Parallel to the tournament events selected games were "dissected" in the large analysis room of the Pavilion, here GM Genna Sosonko is just on the job.

It was nice that we could make out a KWA member among the participants of the open: like one year ago Alain Fayard had taken the trip from Paris to Wijk.
Alain Fayard in the open

Lighthouse in Egmond aan Zee
A little further to the north - in Egmond aan Zee - we had found hotel accommodations which turned out to be quite convincing, just as the fine local gastronomy.

A symbol of the town is the lighthouse J.C.J. van Speijk from the year 1834 towering above all.

Sunday morning on the beach of Egmond - Bernd Schneider and Ralf Binnewirtz are exposed here to a very stiff breeze.
On the beach of Egmond

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