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Corus Chess 2008 poster
A small delegation from Germany made a trip to this year’s Corus tournament too - Michael Negele, Bernd Schneider and Ralf Binnewirtz were in on it.

In mild outdoor temperature and wet windy weather a snapshot on the short way from the tournament hall "De Moriaan" to the Corus Pavilion (white "building" in the background).
Ralf Binnewirtz & Michael Negele

Café de Zon
On this way you inevitably pass the Café de Zon, a chess pub with a real local flavour which is also equipped with a billiard table and with darts. Here we had planned a first meeting with Bert Corneth and Guy van Habberney.

Our treasurers arrived a bit late, after all the informal board meeting then took place in the Corus Pavilion – as documented in the next picture.
The treasurers arrived

Board meeting in the Pavilion
Bert Corneth, Michael Negele and Guy van Habberney – a central point was the takeover of the business by the new treasurer, but some other important decisions were on the agenda as well.

After our arrival at Wijk Bernd Schneider was just in time to enrol for the rapid tournament which was held for the first time in the Pavilion on both afternoons of this weekend. Guy van Habberney and Ralf Binnewirtz are kibitzing a little.
Bernd Schneider in the rapid tournament

Welcoming speech by Dolf Vos Back to the tournament hall where the tournaments A, B and C, the Honorary of the seniors as well as the extensive open attracted numerous spectators. Once again Dolf Vos sounded the bell for the Saturday round with a short welcoming speech.

There was a joyful hello when we spotted our member Øystein Brekke from the country of the trolls among the present chess journalists.

But we found the largely non-appearance of our Dutch members at this excellent chess event in their own country a little regrettable.
Oystein Brekke

Wall decoration
Like last year the message of the decoration couldn’t be overlooked – more than ever the electronic brains have chess firmly under control.

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