Wijk aan Zee on "WC-Day" –
and "no sign" of Topalov – Kramnik ...

(A more witty short report by M.N.)

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Naturally Jurgen Stigter was not able to resist the new magazine "Matten" by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, Allard Hoogland and Rob van Vuure – you can follow the chess stories with the ambiguous title (to mate and to thrash - meaning the same now and then) even with a poor knowledge of Dutch – but watch out! - there are no games and not a single diagram.

As the grandmasters were still closely surrounded at this time, I had a look around the tournament pub "Cafe De Zon" among the true chess lovers ...
In the chess pub

B tournament
After all at about 6 pm still some snapshots of the A and B tournament – unfortunately without flash and therefore more blurred ...

... just before Topalov let Kramnik have his last pawn, then agreed to a draw without a handshake, shortly afterwards the tournament hall emptied.
A. Shirov as Kibitzer

T. Kosintseva
T. Kosintseva is still brooding over the board.

We, Bernd Schneider, my kind drivers and Jurgen Stigter were driven now to the "Horse Club" where a sumptuous dinner rounded off a successful short trip – till 2008 when again "Corus" or then even "Tata" will call for Wijk aan Zee.
Jurgen Stigter & Bernd Schneider

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