Wijk aan Zee on "WC-Day" –
and "no sign" of Topalov – Kramnik ...

(A more witty short report by M.N.)

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Alain Fayard at the board
... Alain Fayard from Paris just carefully writing down his fifth move, unfortunately the KWA fans hadn’t brought him much luck in this game.

As this time we didn’t succeed in taking photos of the superstars, here some impressions of the C group ...
Group C

Negi vs. Nepomniachtchi
... where the young star with the unpronounceable name Nepomniachtchi let himself catch still in the last round by the Polish ex-champion Krasenkow.

The young Russian was defeated without great ado by a pretty young lady named Kosintseva, maybe he had looked too much to the B group out of the corner of his eye and then had seen his opponent double ...
N. Kosintseva vs. Pang


You will find further photo reports on the Corus tournament at ChessBase and at Gerhard Hund's Website.

In the analysis room (tent) was intense activity too – and with Hans Ree and Robert Hübner two "old stars" of the Hoogoven tournaments had been mustered: after all Hübner still participated last in 1996, Ree even in 1986.
The commentators were greeted and introduced by Dolf Vos, the leader of the organization committee.
Hübner & Ree commenting the games
Our strongest master after Emanuel Lasker was very convincing by his excellent knowledge of Dutch, but also by the precise analysis of the quickly ruined game van Wely – Svidler – it’s hardly believable how the "hero of Friday" was "killed" on Saturday.

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