Wijk aan Zee on "WC-Day" –
and "no sign" of Topalov – Kramnik ...

(A more witty short report by M.N.)

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Bert Corneth on his way ...
After a pleasant stay in the house Corneth the evening before our kind Bert is storming under a blue sky – past the fluttering flags – from the car park near the "Corus pavilion" to the "small place of the event", the tournament hall "De Moriaan".

Time for the obligatory photo in front of the again very futuristic tournament poster was a must – chess under control of the robot.
Corus poster

Book table
After all there were three book tables in the foyer – eldorado of each collector – our member Frans Hoynck van Papendrecht – employee of the bookshop van Stockum in The Hague – had "amply set" his.

Then we were very crowded – the match of the opponents from Elista didn’t take place in the rest room but in the middle of this cluster – of photographers of course! But I couldn’t make out a Danailov with worn glasses sucking his thumb, just as there was no LAN cable hanging down from the ceiling ...
There was a big crush ...

Radjabov - Motylev
... Radjabov and Motylev appeared completely unimpressed while opening their exciting King’s Indian.

At a little more distance the view of the A and the B group of the grandmaster tournament was not better as well, but among the "decathletes" I located a good old friend of our meetings in Amsterdam and in La Tour-de-Peilz ...

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