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Peter de Jong and Hans Engberts
in Utrecht, July 2007



My Bayer chess club companion Hans-Dieter Müller in Wuppertal

Visit to Hans-Jürgen Fresen,
in the first years after the KWA foundation.


With Jurgen Stigter at Andreas Saremba in Brieselang after one of the Lasker events in Berlin.

The visit to Rolf Glenk in Forchheim was even impressive for my wife as the nice chess tiled stove could please her.


Jurgen Stigter and Hans-Jürgen Fresen with me in Wuppertal


Andreas Lehmann (Leipzig),
taken at the GSM meeting in Limbach and ...


Bernd Segebarth (Pingelshagen near Schwerin, here at a Klittich auction
with Jurgen Stigter), well-established barter partners in the early nineties.
I could visit both at trips to the new German states and
admire their beautiful collections.

So I will soon report on newly included "gems" of my collection. Such visits show me all too clearly that my own "accumulation" of chess books urgently needs diligent care.

Michael Negele


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