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For a good 15 years I have collected "collectors" of chess literature, certainly a strange variant of our fine hobby.
This "passion" began in the middle of the nineties when I started to pay visits to my barter partners in the course of vacation trips.
At first there were regular visits to my long-standing chess friend Dr Hans-Georg Kleinhenz (formerly Stolberg, for decades living in Munich) who actually "seduced" me to deal to a greater extent with the collecting of chess literature.


Hans-Georg Kleinhenz in his Munich home, together with Walter Simon, our KWA founding member from Vienna.

Visiting KWA member Hans Ellinger in Tübingen (above)
and Wladimir Sokolow in Heilbronn (below).


Visits to Munich always led to Manuel Fruth in Unterhaching
and his residential chess shop. Already an experience per se.


I visited Mathias Burkhalter, my reliable supplier of
chess literature in the nineties, nearby Bern.


At Ralf-Axel Simon in Berlin-Steglitz you can wonderfully rummage for chess literature as well.


Ralf Binnewirtz in Wuppertal, in the beginning of 2001 -
after the Lasker conference at Postdam.


Visit of Ralf Binnewirtz to Jurgen Stigter in Amsterdam,
shortly after the Lasker conference as well.


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