First Photos from the
Meeting at Cleveland, Ohio

KWA Meeting 19 to 21 August, 2011

A pleasant welcome for the KWA group

Group photo with our hosts and (most of) the attendees.
Form left: Robert Coffman, Pamela Eyerdam, Bob van de Velde, Kelly Ross,
Calle Erlandsson, Per Skjoldager, Jurgen Stigter, Michael Utt, Romayne Karl
(business partner of M. Utt), Maurice Carter, Andy Ansel, Myron Samsin,
Andreas Saremba, Michael Negele and John Donaldson.
Click picture to enlarge!

Lary Rust's "House of Chess" was visited
by our group on Sunday (21 August):

Martin Hillyer and Bob van de Velde looking at Paul Morphy's board - the latter
used it in 1857 and it was also used in the chess world championship 1886.
To the right of the board a photo of Thomas Frère (and Steinitz).

Michael Negele, Lissa Waite and Bob van de Velde
at the grave of John G. White at the Lakeside Cemetery.

A more detailed photo report on this meeting will follow soon.

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