Cleveland Finds III


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Jurgen & Michael at the entrance
Jurgen Stigter and Michael Negele at the "Doorway to Chess Heaven"
[John G. White Special Collections]

Jurgen and Calle "observed" by John G. White - here the painting in large size.
Jurgen & Calle in front of the White painting

Reynard the Fox chess set

There were many sights for our amazed chess friends,
here a Reynard the Fox chess set.
[Chess set enlarged / Accompanying text]

Jurgen & Calle: old paper cuttings
Again and again old paper cuttings reveal astonishing finds.

The following picture gallery gives an impression of the fascinating premises and furnishings of the Cleveland Public Library (15 photos).

Emanuel Lasker in an old de luxe edition...
Lasker 'de luxe edition'

Lasker 'in heavy metal'
... and in heavy metal.

We add a further gallery with 9 Lasker photos in chronological order:
Lasker Gallery

Relaxing during the dinner:
Michael Negele and Lissa Waite
Michael Negele & Lissa Waite

Couple Hillyer & Calle Erlandsson
Martin Hillyer, Gisela Hillyer and
Calle Erlandssson

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