Cleveland Finds II

Michael Negele in Cleveland

Michael Negele in the Cleveland Public Library.
White gloves are compulsory here - at least for the scrapbooks
and the original manuscripts!
At the wall in the background the John G. White painting.

The second issue of our finds is devoted to one of the fathers of the "Hypermoderns" - the Danish-Latvian grandmaster Aaron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935). Among other things in Cleveland there is the following picture from 1932 with accompanying text in a show case.

Nimzowitsch im Schaukasten

Here the displayed text to read through.
A variant of the above picture: Nimzowitsch - illuminated and inspired!

A further historically interesting photo was found on a paper cutting. (Unfortunately the photo is only preserved in poor quality.) Nimzowitsch had just won the jubilee tournament of the Berlin Chess Society in February 1928 (by 10/13) ahead of Bogoljubow, Tartakower and P. Johner.

Lasker & Nimzowitsch 1928

"Congratulations, Mr. Nimzowitsch!" - Emanuel Lasker congratulates the winner of the Berlin chess tournament.

Em. Lasker, Berlin 1926
Two years before Lasker had been portrayed in a drawing by the artist David Friedmann - as well in Berlin.
(International Master Tournament, 17 to 29 November 1926)

[Miriam Morris, the daughter of David Friedmann is still looking for portrait drawings by her father, see her enquiry of October 2006.]

A particularly remarkable find is the letter sent by Nimzowitsch to Emanuel Lasker at the beginning of the year 1929. It's rather easy to make out Nimzowitsch's central request: it consists in the attempt to induce Lasker to a cooperation on his planned booklet, his petition is embedded in all kinds of flattering remarks which could have achieved rather the opposite of the desired effect by their eccentricity. Anyway, the obsequious attitude taken up by Nimzowitsch towards Lasker is to be noticed throughout the text. We don't know Lasker's reply to this letter, in any case the planned brochure has never been published (instead Nimzowitsch's autobiographical booklet Kak ja stal grosmejsterom ["How I became a Grandmaster"]).

Here the original letter dated the 4th of January, 1929 (please click the preview pictures!):

Nimzowitsch-Brief S. 1
Page 1
Nimzowitsch-Brief S. 2
Page 2
Nimzowitsch-Brief S. 3
Page 3


Nimzowitsch-Brief S. 4
Page 4


You will find in the following pdf-files a transcription to typewritten text (by Michael Negele) as well as a translation into English (by Kurt Landsberger):
German version / English version

We are indebted to our friend Kurt Landsberger for the this time especially arduous translation work.

The same month (January 1929) Nimzowitsch's article "Laskers allumfassender Spielstil" [Lasker's all-embracing playing style] was published in the Wiener Schachzeitung which we offer here as an additional good read:
Nimzowitsch article (jpg-file)

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