Brunswick was again worth a visit!

60th Auction of the Antiquarian Bookseller A. Klittich-Pfankuch
with a Social Supporting Programme


The subsequent evening meal with a pleasant get-together should be remembered as well with a few snapshots:

Bernd Schneider and Karl Klittich

Jurgen Stigter and Calle Erlandsson

Michael Utt and Guy Van Habberney

Godehard Murkisch and Ralf Binnewirtz talk about their book project -
a print-out of the first layout is already on the table.

On Saturday morning an informal meeting of the KWA members could be arranged as the auction didn't start before noontime. The results of the discussion are summarized in this linked PDF file (in our member section only).

Below three pictures of this meeting in the restaurant "Knochenhauer" (opposite to the auction house) - unfortunately the only waitress there was so busy that we were literally "left high and dry" (but that was not detrimental to our good temper).

Cash auditor (Henri Serruys) and treasurer (Michael Negele)


Webmaster and chairman


Discussion about the database-(BoC-)project -
left: Jurgen Stigter, Per Skjoldager and Hanspeter Suwe,
right: Michael Utt, Andreas Saremba and Godehard Murkisch.

The list of results of the again very successful auction can be downloaded from the website of the antiquarian bookshop Klittich-Pfankuch, certainly we will still go into this auction in our next KWA newsletter.

Finally two additional photographs, taken after the auction:

Stellan Persson and his wife Siv Ewert had visited the auction as well.

Saying goodbye to Brunswick -
Cheers Rita and Michael Utt!


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