Meeting in Brunswick and
Trip to Ströbeck, the Chess Village
(June 23-24, 2006)

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The 'Schleich'
The "Schleich" (spy, sneak, King’s jester) – besides the "Courier" and the "Man" the third extra piece in courier chess – is of symbolic nature for the Ströbeck chess museum.

Rules of courier chess

Please click on the small picture above for the rules of the game (in German)!

Years ago a reproduction of the courier chess set was realized by Josef Cacek, the founder of the museum together with a group of pupils.
Courier game

Glass cabinets with chess sets

The collection of chess sets is protected from unauthorized access
by glass cabinets – the sets produced in captivity under most
difficult conditions hold a special fascination – about this a separate
gallery (12 photos).

Prisoners' chess
The poster
"Gefangenenschach in schlechten Zeiten"
[Prisoners’ chess in bad times]
(in German only)
Click on the small picture
to have a read of it!

Additional information on the Ströbeck chess museum
from its homepage!

After the tour of the museum several participants are prepared to storm Mrs Krosch’s chess shop.
In the direction of the chess shop

Mrs Krosch's chess shop
Only a few steps and the destination is within sight!

Mrs Krosch’s chess shop and publishing house
Mrs Krosch

'Hasseröder' for the chess thirst
"Hasseröder" Pils will quench your chess thirst!

Additional 14 photos of the visit to Ströbeck, the chess village in our gallery!


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