Meeting in Brunswick and
Trip to Ströbeck, the Chess Village
(June 23-24, 2006)

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J. Stigter & H.-J. Fresen
Jurgen Stigter and Hans-Jürgen Fresen in front of an old weather vane (1877).

On the left in the background historical costumes which were used in performances of living chess.

Attentive audience:
N.N., Carsten Ehlers ("Schwalbe" treasurer from Brunswick) and Michael Negele.
Attentive audience

Board of the Great Elector
The famous chess board, given in 1651 as a present to the "small town of Ströpke" by the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg. Unfortunately the accompanying set of silver chessmen has been lost for a long time.

There is a courier chess board on the back with 96 squares (see below).

Bernd Schneider and the courier chess.
Bernd Schneider / Courier board

Illustrated broadsheet
"Bilder-Rundschau zum Magdeburger General-Anzeiger"
– an illustrated broadsheet.

This year the chess village of Ströbeck was appointed the cultural village of Europe, a welcome opportunity to work out the musical "Ströpker Zeitsprünge" ["Ströpke leaps in time"] – the illustration opposite shows the "book on the play" (from the publisher Schachdorf Verlag, 2006).
Book on the musical

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