Meeting in Brunswick and
Trip to Ströbeck, the Chess Village
(June 23-24, 2006)

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Wolfgang Pähtz on c4
Wolfgang Pähtz on c4, Carsten Ehlers on b5 and Jurgen Stigter on a7 – the restaurant "Gasthaus zum Schachspiel" providing the backdrop.

The picturesque nameplate above the entrance.
Inn's nameplate

Way up to the museum
The short way up to the chess museum.

Mrs Timmermann, our guide on the journey here and back, supplied us with numerous details about Brunswick, Ströbeck and the Harz mountains; on the right study expert Ward Stoffelen.
Mrs Timmermann & Ward Stoffelen

Eye-catcher in the entrance hall
Eye-catcher in the entrance hall of the museum.

Mrs Angela Matthies, the museum director, starts the guided tour.

The audience (from left):
Guy van Habberney, Bernd Schneider, Gerd Niebuhr and Ward Stoffelen.
Angela Matthies

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