Meeting in Brunswick and
Trip to Ströbeck, the Chess Village
(June 23-24, 2006)

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The 48th auction of the auction company Klittich-Pfankuch again tempted quite a lot of chess friends to come to Brunswick, particularly as on the day before the chess auction an additional chess cultural gem had been offered including a trip to the chess village of Ströbeck and the visit of the new chess museum there.

After all 19 KWA members (that is more than in La Tour-de-Peilz) and ten further guests joined in the tour of Ströbeck. In the evening and next morning respectively we could welcome Tamás Erdélyi and Detlef Krämer (and his wife) as well as Rudolf Glenk (and his wife).
From Germany came:
Ralf Binnewirtz, Bernd Ellinghoven, Norbert Fieberg, Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Susanne van Kempen (and her husband), Godehard Murkisch, Michael Negele, Wolfgang Pähtz, Bernd Schippan, Bernd Schneider, Frank Schubert;
- from Belgium:
Guy van Habberney, Henri Serruys, Ward Stoffelen;
- from the Netherlands:
Bert Corneth, Jurgen Stigter;
- from Denmark:
Claes Løfgren, Knud Lysdal, Per Skjoldager.

Additional guests (in so far as known by name):
Carsten Ehlers, Matthias Limberg, Egbert Meissenburg, Daniel de Mol (and his wife), Gerd Niebuhr, ...

In front of the chess tower

Group photo in front of the chess tower

Old museum and chess tower
From May 1991 to December 2005 the Ströbeck chess museum was housed in the half-timbered cottage next to the chess tower.

The entrance to the former chess museum – now the club house of the Ströbeck chess club – with chess ornaments worth seeing.
Entrance to the former museum


Old town hall
The neat old town hall is housing the new chess museum (since January 2006).

The "Platz am Schachspiel" [Chess Square] (flanked by the old town hall on one side and by the restaurant "Gasthof zum Schachspiel" on the other side).

Our chess friends lined the h-file!
Along the h-file!

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