On the 5th jubilee of the KWA
in Brunswick



After the KWA group had met White’s Moróczy Bind with a more seldom variation (6... Qb6), they got – probably after few dubious moves (like 11... Be6?!) – into an inferior position, and in move 26 they "sacrificed in desperation" a pawn on the queenside. Moreover a gradually growing time-trouble emerged with advanced play. But owing to a resourceful defence and to a minor inattentiveness of John who was still suffering from jet lag (29. Qd2?!; better immediately 29. Bd2), White couldn’t turn the profitable position into a win ...

Kurz vor dem Partie-Ende

Shortly before the end of the game – John thinking about his 38th move.

... as the "black" KWA group had spotted a saving manoeuvre facilitating a perpetual check while sacrificing a knight. John took the offered knight and at the same time offered a draw which naturally was accepted with shouting and cheering – the draw was celebrated like a win!

You will find additional 8 photos in this Gallery, and you can play over the complete game on this page.

Analyse nach der Partie

John analyzing the game directly afterwards ...

Bei der nachträglichen Analyse

Jes Knudsen, Tony Gillam and castling expert Hanspeter Suwe
are looking over our Californian IM’s shoulder.

bernd ellinghoven & Prof. Angerstein

As the victim of a traffic jam, a quite exhausted Wolfgang Angerstein (on the right) unfortunately arrived only near to the end of the event.
Bernd Ellinghoven (on the left) didn’t concern himself very much about the
consultation game – for problemists the area of interests is simply a different one.

Verteilung der Gastgeschenke durch Karl Klittich

At the end Karl Klittich distributed the surprise gift, each KWA member received a box containing three bottles of a good wine – at the same time a "chess keepsake" (in a limited edition), as the bottles wear labels with the KWA logo especially produced on this occasion. A wonderful idea of the House of Klittich-Pfankuch in any case – many a member will regret not having come to Brunswick this day!

The KWA anniversary label on the bottle of wine.

The production of the labels was by no means a simple affair as first you must have a licence before you can go into print!

We owe our generous hosts a big "Thank You" for this marvellous celebration which certainly will still be remembered a long time by all participants!

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