Impressions of Brunswick



Vor der Auktion
Meetings before the start of the auction: in the foreground Daniel de Mol with his wife and Knud Lysdal.

Lothar Schmid and Rudolf Glenk from Forchheim were present as well, unfortunately both were not caught by the camera.


This time in the picture: Per Skjoldager, Guy van Habberney and Jørn Erik Nielsen (left), Bernd (Segebarth) meets Bernd (Schneider) on the right.
Treffen vor der Auktion

Comfortable circle in the garden: Bernd Schippan, Jurgen Stigter, Claes Løfgren and Jørn Erik Nielsen.

Problemists by themselves: at the table Stephen Rothwell and Godehard Murkisch, behind them bernd ellinghoven "ready to fire".
Problemisten unter sich

Gemeinsam am Notebook
Together at the notebook: Per Skjoldager and chairman Michael Negele.

Norbert Fieberg, Matthias Limberg and Wolfgang Pähtz are in a very good mood.
N. Fieberg, M. Limberg, W. Pähtz

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