Impressions of Brunswick


Nordische Fraktion
A part of our Nordic group: Per Skjoldager, Knud Lysdal and Calle Erlandsson over water and wine.

Hotel "Deutsches Haus" next morning - everyone looked pleased. Calle (who had arrived together with his wife Lena) and Bernd Schneider obviously made a good deal too.
Morgens im Deutschen Haus

Blättern in Kaissiber
Matthias Limberg and bernd ellinghoven are studying the latest issue of Kaissiber.

Günter Büsing (on the right) still tried to repair Jurgen's camera.
J. Stigter & G. Büsing

Knud Lysdal
Knud Lysdal seems to be completely satisfied.

Jørn Erik Nielsen from the Danish town of Aabenraa has just joined the KWA (our 150th member!). Like his friend Per Skjoldager he belongs to the circle of the Nimzowitsch researchers.
Jorn Erik Nielsen

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